Explore College Transfer Options

Transferology® is a nationwide network designed to help students explore college transfer options. It is free to use, and member institutions from across the US provide the data.

To get started, log in or sign up to create an account. Students can log into Transferology through Google or Microsoft accounts. If the student's college or university uses Google or Microsoft log-ins, school accounts can also be used to access Transferology.

From Transferology.com, students can:

  • See how courses transfer to another institution using Will My Courses Transfer?
  • See how courses at another school transfer back to the school currently being attended using Find a Replacement Course.
  • Search for programs offered by member institutions.
  • See how courses apply toward a program (if the institution has supplied a degree audit within View Program Information).
  • View institution profiles and request information regarding Advising, Campus Visit, Admission, Financial Aid, and Veteran's Resources.
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