How to Use Will My Courses Transfer

Will My Courses Transfer? is the default option after you've logged into This allows you to input courses that you've taken, or plan to take, to see how they will transfer to participating schools. In addition to adding courses, you can add standardized exams and military credits.

Add Courses

  1. Begin by typing the School Name, and select from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Under Taken, select the term and year you took the course.
  3. Enter the Department name, selecting from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to the course. The course will be added to your list.
  5. Continue adding courses, changing School Name, Taken, and Department fields as needed.

If you add the wrong course, delete from your list using the trashcan icon.

Search for Matches

Once all courses have been added to your list, click the Search for Matches button.

Results List

A list of results will be displayed, starting with the highest match percentage, or the most equivalencies defined. (An equivalency is the rule set by an institution saying a course at another school will earn credit). 

Referred from school website

If you came directly from a school's website, you may see only that school in the list because a filter was automatically applied. You click the More Results button or use the filters on the right to show other schools with matches.

Matches, Maybe, Misses

To get more detail on how courses transfer, click the percentage from the results list. You will see tabs labeled matches, maybe, and misses. 

Matches mean that a school has evaluated this course and said it will transfer. Maybe means the school has not yet evaluated the course, so it may or may not transfer. Misses means that the school has evaluated the course and said it will not transfer. It is a good idea to confirm these results with the school directly, either using the Request Information button in the school profile section or navigating to their website for additional information.


You can use filters to narrow the results by distance from zip code, state, tuition & fees, size, public or private, by your marked favorites, or even one specific school – allowing you to make the best decision that’s right for you.

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