What Do My Search Results Mean? (Will My Courses Transfer?)

You can use the Will My Courses Transfer? path to find out if your courses will transfer to other schools. Once you select a school, you will see up to three tabs:

  • Matches indicates how your courses may transfer (assuming they are completed with passing grades).
  • Maybes indicates which courses have not been reviewed for transfer. They may or may not transfer.
  • Misses indicates which courses do not transfer, as well as possible Matches if additional courses were taken.

      Standardized exams or military credits entered in Transferology would also appear in these tabs. 

The courses you took might match those at another school, or they might transfer another way (for example, as an elective or as meeting a gen ed or liberal education requirement). If you see an information icon or thumb next to a Match, select it to find out more.

You may see that some Matches have characters like “T**” or “***” at the end. While each institution is different, this generally means your course doesn’t have an exact match, but you are likely to receive some transfer credit. 

For more information, or if you need help understanding your search results, contact the school through Request Information or the Help & Feedback button (select Contact a School).

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