I Forgot My Password. How Do I Reset It?

This article provides steps for resetting a Transferology® user's password and regaining access to the application.

As of August 15, 2023, Transferology® will no longer support log in with Facebook. If Facebook was used to access Transferology in the past, follow the steps below and use Reset your Transferology password to continue accessing Transferology.

How to Reset Your Password

  1. From the Transferology.com homepage, navigate to the top right of the screen and select Log in.

  1. Select the Can't log In? link under the Log in box:

Callout illustrates the location of the Can't log in button

  1. If an email address was used to sign up for Transferology®, enter the email address in the search box and select REQUEST PASSWORD RESET.
Callouts illustrate the locations of the email address textbox and the Request Password Reset buttons.
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Users can additionally log into Transferology through Google, Microsoft, or Apple. At institutions that use Google or Microsoft log-ins, students can use these school accounts to access the application. Accounts can also be created directly through Transferology. Jump to Verifying Log In Method if unsure of the method used to create the Transferology account.

  1. The user will receive a message indicating that a recovery code has been sent to the email address supplied.
    1. Retrieve that code.
    2. Enter it in the Recovery code box.
    3. Select OK.
      1. Check the Spam or Junk folder if the email doesn't appear in the Inbox. 
Callouts illustrate the locations of the recovery code textbox and OK button.
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  1. The user will be prompted to reset the Transferology password.
    1. Type in the new password.
    2. Re-enter the password to confirm.
    3. Select Set new password
Callout illustrates the locations of the Set new password button.
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Password Requirements

Passwords must:

    • Be at least six characters in length;
    • Require one number, one letter (case sensitive), and cannot be the same as the previous password.

As the new password is entered, Transferology will give an indication of how strong the password is by showing a password strength meter alongside written feedback. 

There are four progressive levels of password strength: 

Level Description
Red No strength; unsafe

Low strength/low safety

Passwords must meet this level at a minimum

Teal Strong/safe
Green Very strong/very safe

Confirmation Email

After submitting, users will receive a confirmation email indicating that the password has been changed. As a safety procedure, the email will guide users to a link to reset the password if the user was not the individual initiating the request.

Verifying Log In Method

If unsure what method was used to log in to Transferology®:

  1. Enter an email address in the second box on the Can't log In? page.
  2. Select Check.
Callouts illustrate the locations of the email address textbox and the Check button.
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  1. An email will be sent indicating what method was used to log in to Transferology.
    • If the email notes the email entered was used, proceed back to step 3 of How to Reset Your Password.
    • If a Google, Microsoft, or Apple login was used:
      1. Select Log in from the menu in the upper right.
        1. Within the Log in screen, the Email tab will be selected by default.
      2. Select Social Login.

  1. Select one of the following:
    • Sign In with Google,
    • Sign In with Microsoft, or
    • Sign In With Apple.
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