Requesting Information from a School

Transferology allows you to see how participating institutions have evaluated your coursework, standardized exams, and military credit for transfer to their institution. While reviewing your matches, you may have questions.

This article will show you how to use the Request Information feature in Transferology to reach out to a college or university. You can ask them to review your coursework, help you better understand how credit has been evaluated, and further connect you with campus resources.

How to Request Information

  • Start by entering your coursework into your Transferology profile and reviewing your search results. 
  • Once you've selected an institution and reviewed your Matches, Misses, and Maybes, select Request Information (this button is next to the school's profile).

  • A pop-up box will appear, with three areas you can customize. 

1. When reviewing information in Transferology, you may be comparing how your courses apply to multiple schools' degree programs. 

  • If you want the institution you are requesting information from to only see how your coursework applied to programs you viewed at their institution, check the box next to "Only share programs run for this school."
    • Leaving this box unchecked means that the school would be able to see how your coursework applied to any program you requested, at any institution. 

2. Select at least one area you would like additional information regarding. 

  • If there is a particular program you are interested in, enter the name in the Program area.

3. You can use the preset message or customize it to fit your needs. 

4. When ready, click the Send button. This will deliver your request to the institution noted. 

What Information Is Shared with the School? 

Requesting information from a school enables them to see:

  • your profile information
    • Your first name, last name, and email are required to create a profile. Address and phone number are optional.
  • the details of your matches, misses, and maybes 
    • i.e., the courses, standardized exams, and military credits entered.
  • any programs you have run within Transferology
    • If you marked the "Only share programs run for this school." box, they would only see those you ran at their school.
  • whether you requested additional information regarding Advising, Campus Visit, Admission, Financial Aid, Veteran's Resources, or Programs.
  • your Custom Message.

Will the Institution Evaluate My Maybes?

If you would like the school to evaluate your Maybes, please communicate this in your request. Institution response times vary, so please give them time to respond to your request before reaching out again.

How Will I Know When My Courses Have Been Evaluated?

Each institution has its own timeframe for evaluating coursework. Please work with them to determine when you should check Transferology for updated information.

Once you enter your coursework in Transferology, it's there unless you delete it. Click Search for Matches to get the most up-to-date information about how your courses will transfer. 

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