How Do I Use Transferology?

On the Transferology® homepage, select Get started or Sign up to create a free account.

Look for these same buttons if viewing Transferoloy from an institution or state/system landing page. While these pages are personalized to colleges and universities to help students get to know the institution or schools within the state/system, these buttons are located in the same page areas.

Use the Will My Courses Transfer? path to determine if courses, standardized exams, and military credits will transfer to or earn credit at other schools.

  • Find the school(s) you have attended and add your courses.
  • If you have taken standardized exams or have military credits, you can also add those.
  • Select Search for Matches to view your search results.
  • Learn more about colleges by viewing their School Profiles.
  • Select Request Information to contact a school representative. You can also reach out through the Help & Feedback button (select Contact a School).

See How to Use Will My Courses Transfer for step-by-step and video instructions on how to enter courses and search for, view, and filter matches.

Use the Find a Replacement Course path to find courses at other institutions that you can transfer back to your school.

  • Find the school you currently attend and add the course(s) you want to take elsewhere.
  • If you are looking for courses to fulfill a requirement (such as a gen ed or liberal education category), select the + button next to the requirement category name from the menu.
  • Select Search for Matches to view your options.
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