How Do I Use Transferology?

Transferology is a free website for students, parents, counselors, and advisors to explore how college courses transfer. Users can add courses they've already taken (or plan to take) to see how they will transfer to another institution, and/or look for courses that will transfer back to their current institution to fulfill a requirement. Users can use the filters like location, tuition, enrollment size, etc. to narrow the search results or use the search bar on the results page to look for a specific school. There are also options to explore transfer pathways (agreements institutions have between one another), explore the college profiles, and contact or request information from an institution. 

Step one is to create an account, then choose a path:

  • Use the Will My Courses Transfer (green) path, to find out if your courses will transfer to other schools. For this path, add any courses / exams / military experiences, click the Search for Matches button then begin exploring your search results.
  • Use the Find a Replacement Course (blue) path to find courses you can take elsewhere which will transfer to your current school. For this path, choose your current school, add the course you need to take (but want to take elsewhere) and click the Search for Matches button to begin exploring your search results.

After viewing transfer course match details from a participating school, click the Request Information button to request more information from the school regarding your particular transfer situation.

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